The Grandmother Project

Featuring Maya Cunningham

About Themba Arts and Culture

Themba Arts and Culture is committed to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of African – America, Africa and other groups in the African - Diaspora. The word Themba (pronounced Tem-ba) means hope in Xhosa, the native language of the late South African President Nelson Mandela. It also references Nyame Biribi Wo Soro, the Ashanti adinkra symbol from Ghana pictured in our logo, which is also a symbol of hope. It is music, and other arts, that have historically birthed this hope we reference for African – Americans in the face of oppression, along with courage, strength and endurance. From slavery times, to the Civil Rights Movement and beyond, our unique history has revealed the mystery of transcendence through our music, visual arts traditions, dance, storytelling, crafts and poetry. We have danced, sung, stomped, worshiped and shouted our way through slavery, the Jim Crow era of segregation and the current challenges we face. What has come out of these experiences is a rich culture that is an international treasure. Themba Arts serves as a vehicle to present The Grandmother Project at cultural venues and universities throughout the United States and abroad as a tool to express through song the story of African – Americans. Download About Themba Arts and Culture here

Themba Arts and Culture is an official trade name of the Christian Cultural Arts Center, Inc., that was initiated to present non-sectarian cultural programming. CCAC, Inc. a 501 (c)) 3 tax exempt not-for-profit corporation based in Washington DC.