The Grandmother Project

Featuring Maya Cunningham

About The Grandmother Project


The Grandmother Project is a revolutionary fusion of jazz, soul, blues and early African - American music that pays tribute to the African – American female vocalists who were the architects in building Black music, national identity and international representation. These women, who Jazz Vocalist Maya Cunningham terms as 'The Grandmothers,' literally hold this position genealogically, historically, culturally and artistically. Inspired by singers, writers and artist like Abbey Lincoln, Maya Angelou, Ella Fitzgerald and Lorez Alexandria, Maya Cunningham has created an energetic show that is a montage of live music, film footage, drawings, paintings and textile art (quilts). The ensemble features powerhouse jazz vocalist Maya Cunningham and powerhouse gospel/soul vocalist Allyson Chamberlain. Pianist Noble Jolley is Musical Director. The ensemble also includes piano drummer Jaimeo Brown, guitarist Marvin Dolly, bassist Joshua David, percussionist Hymie Rivera, JS Williams on trumpet, Christopher McBride on Alto Sax, and Albert Rivera on Tenor Sax. Accompanying the concert is an exhibition of quilts, textile pieces and paintings by Maya Cunningham, who is also an artist, that tell the life stories of the jazz vocal greats. The concert debuted in New York City in November 2014. The Grandmother Project is a program of Themba Arts and Culture, a US based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting African – American arts.
Almost Like Being In Love
Maya Cunningham (Birth Announcement - The Grandmother Project )